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Musical Conditioning

Born at the end of the sixties the first contact with electronic music I remember was the song "Autobahn" by Kraftwerk on the radio at the middle of the seventies.

At the beginning of the eighties computer game music had a huge influence. And Jean Michel Jarre und Vangelis found their way into my personal hall of fame.

The synthie pop of the eighties as well as the techno movement of the nineties were also a huge factor.

First Steps

A Casio CZ-1000 I got at the end of the eighties together with a Roland D-20 I bought at the beginning of the nineties were the center of my early musical work.

The first few simple Tracks were done with the Keyboard Controlled Sequencer (KCS), soon to be replaced with Music-X, both sequencer software for the Commodore Amiga.

With this equipment I composed over 300 minutes of music till the middle of the nineties, but none of the tracks were published.


After a long break during which only a few songs were made I got motivated again by Yog-Sothoth's music and so I actively compose music again since 2012.

As a software developer I prefer to work with software synthesizers. They cant really compete with analogue hardware synthesizers but they have their own charme.

Apart from solo projects my main creative work flows into the Mystical Light project.

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