17/09/2017New songs published

Three new songs from the "Schallplatte" can be listened to here.

01/09/2015New album released: Mystic Forest

The new astral cookies album is now available. More infos here.

08/03/2015First review of Full Moon Rising

Synth&Sequences reviewed Full Moon Rising. Read it here.

20/02/2015Second Mystical Light album published

The Mystical Light project published their second album. More infos you will find here.

07/09/2014"Mare Tranquillitatis" with fractal animations

A new song with a rendered video you will find here.

01/09/2014Radio edit of "Crystal River" now available

You can now download or listen to the radio edit of "Crystal River" here.

14/08/2014"Best Buddies" published

After quite a break there is finally a new song by Astral Cookies available at the songs section.

22/11/2013"Eternal Sand Grains" published

A new full song is available for donwload. You will get it here.

02/11/2013CCAA published

The song "CCAA", up to now only available for members of Schallwende e.V. has now gone completely public. You can get it here.

22/10/2013"Between Galaxies" on Schwingungen CD #221

The Astral Cookies track "Between Galaxies" released under Mystical Light on the album Beyond the horizon, is published by CUE-Records on Schwingungen CD #221.

30/09/2013Album "Crystal Waters" published

Astral Cookies' new album "Crystal Waters" is now published. More information you will find here.

22/09/2013Astral Cookies finally online

Now that the team project "Mystical Light" is on the net and work on our first Album is done I finally got time to do my own web page. The basic structure is finished and more content will soon be added.